Startup Support

The City of Nagoya provides partial financial support to Nagoya startups and small/medium companies that are less than five years old in order to help their business get started. Please consider also applying for the Aichi Startup Funding Business Subsidy Program in conjunction with this program.
Note: Information regarding the Aichi Startup Funding Business Subsidy Program will be available in April or later.

Challenge-oriented HR Development

Nagoya BOOST 10000 is forming an ecosystem in which innovators develop new industries through entrepreneurship and new business creation. This program includes the following activities:

  • The Nagoya Hackathon, an open innovation event that embodies business ideas in a short period of time.
  • The AI/IoT Human Resource Boost Program, a human resource development program in which participants develop businesses by studying new technologies, such as AI and IoT, for more than 100 hours.
  • Nagoya Boost Day, a demonstration day in which candidates create business opportunities by presenting the results of the Nagoya Hackathon and the AI/IoT Human Resource Boost Program to each other.

Social Demonstration Support

Support for Social Demonstrations of Advanced Technology
The City of Nagoya is recruiting companies with advanced technology to provide solutions for in-house administrative issues and social issues. Partial financial support and management support by specialists will be given for selected demonstration experiment projects.

Social Demonstration Experiment Field Utilization Promotion
In order to utilize city-run and private facilities for demonstration experiments, this program arranges conferences involving industry, government, and academia are held in order to settle issues to enable proposals and demonstrations by high-tech companies.

Innovation Support

Nagoya Mirai Innovators is a program that provides support for small/medium companies to create new products and services through their own innovation activities as well as support for women to found their own companies.

    This is a program to support small/medium companies with a growth mindset by conducting research meetings and seminars and providing individual consultation services for creating new products and services.
    This is a program to provide research meetings, seminars, and individual consultations for female entrepreneurs and women who want to found their own companies.

Attracting Companies

The City of Nagoya is attracting ICT companies that ignite innovation through collaboration with existing manufacturing companies, foreign companies, and the headquarter functions of companies that could potentially affect the local economy. A subsidy system for companies to open an office in the city is available. Startup companies can also use this system. We invite you to consider expanding to Nagoya, a city with great potential.

Collaborative Creation Promotion

(2020 F/Y plan)
Startup Collaboration Creation Promotion Business
The City of Nagoya will commence an open innovation program to reinforce collaboration between existing companies and startup companies to accelerate startup company growth.


(2020 F/Y plan)
Support for Startup Companies to Expand their Business to Overseas
The City of Nagoya provides advance training for working through parallel operation business models and exhibition opportunities for local startup companies and small/medium companies who plan to expand their business overseas.

Business Matching Support among Manufacturing Companies in the Region
For local companies interested in collaborating or cooperating with startup companies, the City of Nagoya organizes forums for collaboration promotion purposes as well as for holding exchange sessions and business meetings with overseas startups.

Community Formation

The City of Nagoya is holding NAGOYA CONNECT, an open innovation promotion program, once a month. It is powered by Venture Café Tokyo and has expanded to 11 locations in 6 cities.